Mother shares birth on Twitter


A mother has shared the birth of her little boy by documenting the whole experience – on Twitter.

Fi Star-Stone shared the gruelling 13-hour ordeal with the Twittersphere to prove you could give birth without pain relief.

The 34-year-old from Staffordshire went into labour at 2.30am on Friday, giving birth to 7lb 9oz Oscar John Michael Victor Stone at 3.42pm.

During the 13-hour period, the brave mother tweeted 24 times and received more than 100 extra followers with 250 people including TV presenter Emma Forbes wishing her well after Oscar’s birth.

Her first tweet, sent at 4.16am, read: “Here we go lovelies! Contractions started at 2.30am! Baby decided he wants to come to his sister’s 1st b’day party on Saturday!”

During the more painful moments, the nursery nurse, who runs the ‘Childcare is Fun‘ website used the popular social network as a distraction – but despite the pain still maintained a sense of humour.

She tweeted: “Can somebody pass the vodka. Why do I have to be such a hippy? Homebirth=no pain relief!”

And even after the marathon labour was over, the brave mother of two still had the energy to tweet a big thank you to her 1,000 followers who had been grilled to their computer screens in anticipation of the big moment.

The courageous mum claims to be the first woman to share giving birth on Twitter – but she’s not the first to go through a medical emergency on the social network.

Earlier this year website designer Patrick Johnson woke up to discover that half his face had gone numb and was drooping.

After tweeting his symptoms, he received a message from Marj Beattie who correctly diagnosed the 26-year-old of suffering from Bell’s palsy. She urged him to immediately visit a hospital where he was treated for the condition – saving his face from long-term damage.

Fi Star-Stone’s tweets:

4.16am: Here we go lovelies! Contractions started at 230am! Baby decided he wants to come to his sisters 1st b’day party on Saturday!

4.35am: Here we go lovelies! Getting stronger! Me & my hippy no pain relief… Ouch! Could do with a large vodka!

6.32am: Had bacon butty and paracetemol. Been going since 2.30…. Little man v active! (stop moving little bugger!)

7.00am: Oh you lovely lot are sooo lovely you’re making me cry! The support is amazing! Going to meet my baby boy soon!! Mwife on way!

8.16am: Thanx to you all~ keep the support coming you lovelies! It’s really helping! No pain relief… Doing well.

9.37am: ~Ok folks pain has reached another level… Mwife not here yet… You lovelies are really helping with your tweets

10.21am: Mwife on way to check how far I’m dialated! Hurt now lots!! 8hrs and counting… Might get into birthing pool soon for relief.

5.44pm: Introducing Oscar John Michael Victor Stone, 7.9 born at 3.42pm at home with no pain relief

6.06pm: Thanks so much for all of your support today! I’m shattered & sore but the happiest mummy on the planet xx mwa to you all xx


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