Mother finds a live SCORPION in her weekly shopping


A horrified mum got some sting extra in her weekly shop – a live scorpion.

Amanda Johnstone was unpacking her groceries when the three inch-long stowaway revealed itself.

The scorpion scuttled across the floor towards her six year-old son Ross and elderly mother Gloria who leapt out of its way in terror.

Amanda got nephew Aaron, 29, to scoop up the unwelcome guest in a pint glass while she phoned for help from animal rescuers.

It was later identified as a North American desert hairy scorpion which is not lethal – but still carries a nasty sting.

Amanda, 44, said: “Ross started shouting, ‘Scorpion, scorpion!’  I saw it and I was like, ‘Oh my god, this is a bloody scorpion’.

“I grabbed him because it was no more than a few feet away from him and two inches from my mum’s foot.

“My mum’s just had her knees replaced. I’ve never seen her move so fast – the op definitely worked.”

Amanda added: “I was absolutely terrified. I thought they were all poisonous.

“I hate anything that crawls. I’m so glad my nephew was in and brave enough to get it in the glass.”

Amanda, of Dumfries, refused to identify where she accidentally picked up the scorpion but it is believed to have been a local store rather than a major supermarket.

It is thought to have been transported to Britain in a containment of bananas.

Animal Rescue Officer Tricia Smith said: “The lady was terrified when she called us, although she had managed to contain the scorpion in a jar.

“Desert hairy scorpions aren’t deadly but if bitten the pain could vary from that of a bee-sting to intense inflammation and sickness.

“We’re hopeful we’ll soon be able to find this scorpion a home with an experienced and knowledgeable owner where it can receive the care it needs.”


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