Naomi Spencer at the Crediton Station in Devon. A mother has been honoured after she stopped a violent gang attacking a victim on a train – by ordering the thugs to sit down and giving them a MUM STARE. See swns story SWBRAVE. Brave Naomi Spencer, 45, was reading her book on her way home from work when she spotted the group of six burly thugs abusing a terrified man. The victim has already been beaten up by the louts and had managed to escape onto the train – covered in blood. But they caught up with him and began physically and verbally abusing him in front of dozens of commuters – until mum-of-one Naomi stepped in. She confronted the gang and physically separated the victim from one attacker and ordered them to leave him alone. They began threatening her but she told them she didn’t care and gave them a mum stare – which she normally uses to encourage her 15-year-old son to go to bed. The gang backed off and the train was reversed into a station so the suspects could be dealt with – as Naomi was given a round of applause by fellow passengers. Naomi, a hairdresser of Crediton, Devon, has now been awarded a certificate of commendation by the British Transport Police.

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