Mother, 30, shamed into losing seven stone after getting so fat she DERAILED A TRAIN

Kerry Hill lost seven stone after derailing a train
Kerry Hill lost seven stone after derailing a train

A super-slimming mum who ballooned to 20 stone was shamed into shedding the pounds after she DERAILED a miniature train because she was so FAT.

Kerry Hill, 30, gorged on pizza and greasy takeaways which saw her pile on the pounds as a teenager.

At her heaviest, she tipped the scales at 20 stone and was a hefty size 24.

The 999 call handler was too embarrassed to go shopping with friends or celebrate her birthday with parties because she could barely walk.

She realised enough was enough when she brought an entire land train to a stand-still while on a sea-side family holiday in Exmouth, Devon, during 2010.

The mortified mum-of-two had climbed into the back carriage of the tourist train with her three-year-old son Archie when the carriage COLLAPSED under her weight.

Kerry finally joined Slimming World 12 months ago and ditched junk food and cooking with oil.

She lost an incredible 7 stone 6lbs to weigh a trim 12 stone 5lbs and lost seven dress sizes to become a svelte size 10.

Kerry, from Halesowen, West Mids.,said: “I had yo-yo dieted for most of my twenties but nothing ever seemed to worked and the slimmest I got down to was a size 18.

“I just ate loads of takeaways and pizza and also I went out a lot so I drank a lot of alcohol.

“The main problem was I was not eating properly and would skip breakfast and then just eat packaged sandwiches for lunch and have takeaways in the evening.

“There would always be that feeling of being the fat friend and if I was in a shop with friends they would be picking out all the nice clothes but there would be anything in my size.

The train Kelly stopped because she was so fat
The train Kelly stopped because she was so fat
Kelly at her heaviest weighing 20 stone
Kelly at her heaviest weighing 20 stone

“I used to have to buy all my clothes online and I would have to prepare outfits months in advance.

“I felt really isolated when I was overweight and I could barely walk, I was so unfit.

“But the turning point was when I pretty much derailed a train in Exmouth.

“It was mortifying, I just wanted to cry but I held it all in. The carriageway just gave way and I dislodged it.

“The driver called back when the train wouldn’t move and said ‘there is too much weight in the back’ and it was obviously me.

“We then had to swap with a family who were sat in the middle of the carriage and he had to re-attach the carriage.

“It was terrible, I can remember people were sniggering and giggling as we moved but I just tried to ignore it.

“It was in the middle of the holiday and for the rest of the week I just felt so self conscious, it really affected me. I realised I had to lose the weight.

“When I joined Slimming World it all changed. It was a diet that broke the weight loss down into manageable stages.

“Initially I just wanted to get down to 13 stone but when I got there I realised I could carry on.

“Getting to a size 12 was amazing, I hadn’t been a size 12 since I was a young teenager. Buying my first size 12 trousers and dresses was so good.

“Now I eat regular meals and following Slimming World’s plan I never feel hungry and I exercise regularly. I run two to three times a week.

“I can easily play with my two boys and my although my youngest Freddie is only two-years-old Archie is five-years-old so he has encouraged me through the weight loss.

“He would say things like “how many stones is mummy now?” and he is much more aware of what he eats and like to be healthy with me.”

Kerry has been named a finalist in the Slimming World district Woman of the Year competition and has ever set up her own Slimming World class, which she now runs once a week.



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