LOUGHBOROUGH, UNITED KINGDOM – 24 APRIL, 2013: Stacey McGill, 29, at her home in Loughborough. Stacey has been haunted by a ghost but has been rescued by the spirit of her Grandad. See NTI story NTIGHOST. A petrified mum who begged to be moved from her home because it was HAUNTED is sleeping easy again – after the spirit of her late grandfather SCARED away 50 ghosts. Stacey McGill, 29, applied to her housing association to give her a new house after a series of spooky goings-on. Lights would flick on and off, the microwave had a mind of its own, and Stacey could hear the ghost shouting and screaming in the night. After calling in a medium, she found out she’d been living with a ghoul called Nigel, an alcoholic ghost with learning disabilities. But when she called in paranormal expert Don Philips to help rid her home of Nigel he discovered she was actually living with 50 other ghosts – including eight who died of the plague. Don held a four-hour exorcism at her home with Stacey and incredibly received a message from her late grandfather Barry Laywood who died of lung cancer in 2009 aged 79. During the session, Barry, who ran a cleaning company, promised to evict the pesky ghouls.

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