Most women are ‘utterly bored’ with their lives


Two thirds of British women are completely and utterly bored with their lives, according to a new study.

The good news for fellas is that most girls are happy with their current relationships – but having no money all the time means 65 per cent are totally fed up.

Nearly half of women claim they are sick and tired of doing the same things day in and day out, while 46 blame their dissatisfaction on their terrible social life.

Four in 10 ladies say their current job sucks, and 37 per cent say they would be happier with life if they could take more holidays.

While more than a third of lasses say the constant cycle of dirty dishes, laundry, vacuuming, dusting and cleaning leaves them screaming for a change of scene.

Elaine Smith, marketing manager for Florette Fruit, which conducted the poll of 3,000 women said: “Women nowadays are so busy trying to have it all – the job, the family, the social life – that somehow we’ve ended up with nothing.

“It is no surprise that two thirds of British women are bored with their lives and half are sick of doing the same thing day in and day out; women have lost the get-up-and-go to shake up their lives and try something different.

“With Florette Fruit, women have the opportunity to boost their energy and vitality and take that first step towards a fulfilled life – firstly by visiting Fruity Online for inspiration.”

Becki Houlston, a life coach, said: “Women across Britain have taken the first step by admitting they are bored of the monotony of their lives, but now need to address the ‘buts’ which get in the way of them grasping opportunities.

“Grabbing those spontaneous moments only takes place when we remove the barrier between what we want to do and actually taking action. A huge part of that interference is a ‘but’, whether it’s ‘I wish I could say yes to that invite, but I don’t have the energy’ or ‘I wish I could relax but I need to get this done.’

“‘Buts’ limit the exploration of possibilities by the brain and, along with the energy boost of eating fresh fruit, it’s these possibilities that open the door for spontaneous actions – and the motivation for life which follows.”

Interestingly, a whopping 90 per cent of those polled reckon they would be less bored with life if they made an effort to be more spontaneous.

Of the unusual things women wish they had the guts to do, six in 10 say they would love to just drive to the airport and board the first available plane.

Over a third of girls like the idea of packing their bags and emigrating to another country, and 31 per cent fantasise about telling people what they really think of them.

A quarter of women would like to walk into work without a care and hand in their notice, regardless of whether they had found another job or not.

And the same percentage wish they could chop all their hair off or opt for a dramatic cut to stand them apart from the crowd.

The poll shows 61 per cent of ladies reckon they would feel much happier if they were able to have more holidays during the year.

Nearly half of women say a move away from their current house and town would make a massive difference, and 45 per cent reckon a change of appearance – such as hair, make up or wardrobe – would do them the world of good.

But 34 per cent of women don’t have the confidence to make the necessary changes to their life to make them happy, while 29 per cent claim not to have the time.

Unfortunately – 44 per cent of women are insanely jealous of the lives of some of their friends, wishing they had the same massive house, well paid job, exotic holidays and loving relationships.

The Florette spokeswoman continued: “With 3 out of 4 women believing that being more spontaneous would make their lives less boring, Florette Fruit is throwing down the gauntlet and encouraging women to just do that one thing.

“With the 14 Day Fruity Challenge, we are encouraging women to eat fresh fruit every day for 14 days, then on the final Saturday take on that one challenge – whether it’s the haircut, the declaration of feelings or even the flight to anywhere.”

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1.    Routine (47 per cent)
2.    Lack of social life (46 per cent)
3.    Job (42 per cent)
4.    Lack of holidays (37 per cent)
5.    Housework (36 per cent)
6.    Appearance (35 per cent)
7.    Depressing news (31 per cent)
8.    Eating the same things all the time (29 per cent)
9.    The house (22 per cent)
10.    Responsibilities (19 per cent)

1.    Go to an airport and get the next available flight to anywhere (60 per cent)
2.    Emigrate (34 per cent)
3.    Tell people what they really think of them (31 per cent)
4.    Hand in their notice without another job to go to (26 per cent)
5.    Have a dramatic hair cut (26 per cent)
6.    Put the house up for sale and buy a new one (24 per cent)
7.    Try something new in the bedroom (17 per cent)
8.    Go back to school (14 per cent)
9.    Book in for a boob job (14 per cent)
10.    Sing in public (12 per cent)


  1. Men are no better off.

    After about twenty years you see endless repetition, endless stupidity and you’re powerless to change it without great cost.

    Life is a pathetic waste of time.


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