Most popular stories of 2010


Blind dogs, entrepreneurial teenagers, super-rich Arabs and a cat-hating bank worker – here are the most popular stories of 2010.

1) Blind German Spitz dog uses echoes to find his way round – October

A dog born without eyes is finding his way in life after teaching himself to ‘see’ like a BAT – using echolocation.

Rowan, a German Spitz, barks and then listens to the echoes to help him tell where he is in relation to his surroundings.

Most popular stories of 2010

He has even completed a Good Citizen Bronze award for obedience, although he cannot compete in dog shows because of his appearance.

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2) Millionaire at 16: The next Alan Sugar – August

A school boy entrepreneur dubbed ‘the next Alan Sugar’ told of his pride today at making his first £MILLION – after starting his business at the age of 14.

Delighted Christian Owens, now 16, used his pocket money to fund his first venture, website Mac Box Bundle, which has taken £700,000 since its launch in 2008.

He launched advertising pay-per-click company ‘Branchr’ a year later and worked on the company after school and at weekends.

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3.) The “naughty” blonde, 26, jailed for having sex with 14-year-old boy – December

A mum-of-two convicted of having sex with a 14-year-old boy posted scantily-clad pictures of herself on internet dating sites.

Most popular stories of 2010

Shameless Susanne Divers, 26, described herself as ”naughty”, ”passionate” and ”daring” on a lonely hearts site.

The blonde – pictured in hot pants, fishnets and knee-high leather boots – brags about being a fan of erotic fiction and lists her party trick as putting her leg around her neck.

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4.) Shocking video shows woman dumping cat in wheelie bin – August

Bank worker Mary Bale became a worldwide hate figure when she was captured on CCTV picking up a car and dropping it in a wheelie-bin.

Most popular stories of 2010

The chubby grey-haired woman was filmed stroking tabby Lola on a wall outside a house on in Coventry.

She then suddenly grabs the four-year-old cat by the scruff of the neck before throwing it into a wheelie bin and slamming the lid closed before calmly walks away.

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5.) Qatari Royal Family have unique supercars clamped outside Harrods – July

A £1.5 million Koenigsegg belonging to the owners of Harrods was clamped outside the famous store.

Most popular stories of 2010

A motorcycle traffic warden turns up to ticket the Koenigsegg CCXR and Lamborghini Murcielago SuperVeloce before two wardens arrived to clamp the supercars.

Onlookers booed the wardens as they attached the yellow clamps to the unique baby blue motors.

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6) “Living hell” for gastric bypass patient who lost 12 stone – September

A man who lost half his body weight following a gastric bypass operation is now suing the NHS for hundreds of thousands of pounds – because he would rather be fat.

Tim Daily, 47, requested the £12,000 surgery after his weight spiralled to a staggering 24 stone and he suffered mini-strokes, diabetes and heart problems.

Father-of-two Tim lost 12 stone over the next four months but complications have left him in a ”living hell” where he is in agony whenever he swallows solid food.

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7.) Office worker accused of twice ejaculating into co-worker’s drink – August

An office worker has been charged with twice ejaculating into a female colleague’s bottle of water – which she later DRANK.

Michael Kevin Lallana faces two counts of ‘releasing an offensive material’ in a public place and assault for sexual gratification.

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8.)  Emperor of Exmoor stag killed by bounty hunter – October

The largest wild animal in Britain may have been killed by a foreign hunter lured to the UK after a bounty was placed on its magnificent head and impressive antlers.

Most popular stories of 2010

The majestic nine-foot tall stag, dubbed the ‘Emperor of Exmoor’, was shot and killed by marksmen just outside Exmoor country park.

Witnesses reported hearing two shots from a high velocity rifle before seeing the stag’s crumpled body lying near Rackenford, north Devon.

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9.) Ferrari 458 Italia fire fiasco – August

The owner of a red Ferrari 458 Italia became the 11th victim of the new supercar’s mysterious jinx when it caught fire in China.

Most popular stories of 2010

A dramatic video showed plumes of black smoke emanating from the £170,000 supercar as it sat on the side of a winding hill road.

It was the fourth Ferrari 458 Italia to burst into flames in just six weeks while one other model was gutted during a blaze at Heathrow Airport.

Ferrari later recalled over 1,200 supercars worth £212,160,000 after it emerged they had a design fault which could cause them to burst into flames.

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10) Naked Russian in shocking Youtube video

An intoxicated Russian became an internet sensation after shocking footage of him running around NAKED was uploaded to Youtube.

Most popular stories of 2010

The naked male, who appears to be in his 20s, is filmed wandering around a Russian estate dancing in the street and banging on a van’s windscreen.

He then jumps from roof to roof of a series of cars before hitting the top of the last vehicle and falling to the ground. At this point the car’s angry owner attacks the unidentified nudist – and a minor scuffle breaks out.

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