Caught on camera: The moment a PCSO abandoned her patrol car in a BUS STOP to go and pay her RENT


A Police Community Support Officer has been disciplined for abandoning her patrol car in a bus stop – while she went to pay her rent.

The female PCSO was caught on camera parking illegally outside the East Hertfordshire District Council offices in Bishop’s Stortford, Herts., on November 23 this year.

She left her police vehicle parked on double yellow lines in a bus stop and was spotted going into the building to use the rent payment machine.


The illegally parked police car
The illegally parked police car



The unnamed PCSO paying her rent
The unnamed PCSO paying her rent


When she was confronted by a concerned member of the public the PCSO told him she was there on “official business”.

But now the dark-haired officer, who works for Hertfordshire Constabulary, has been disciplined for her conduct.

Property businessman Andrew Parker, 51, who took these snaps, said local people have “had enough” of “unfair” parking fines.

The father-of-one said: “The PCSO parked her car in the bus stop on double yellow lines outside the council offices at approximately 4.10pm.

“Then she went and saw Circle Anglia and spoke to them about her own personal issues and then proceeded to use the rent payment machine in the lobby.

“When I questioned her as to why she had left her car blocking the use of buses and on double yellow lines, she said she was there on official business.

“She was in there for about four minutes probably. She was not there on work business at all, I took a picture of her using the rent payment machine.

“I told her I was standing near her and she was not there on official business and she stormed off back into the offices.

“Perhaps the local police would like to explain why we are nailed in this area for every motoring offence they can throw at us, but they believe they are above the law and can get away with traffic violations like this.”

Chief Inspector Gerry McDonald, from Hertfordshire Constabulary, said the PCSO had visited the council offices on both work-related and personal matters.

He said: “Sadly this incident does not reflect the good work undertaken by officers and staff in East Herts on a daily basis.

“This behaviour is not acceptable; my staff should be setting a good example to our communities and operating within the law.

“The person involved has been dealt with under the disciplinary code.”


  1. I am assuming she got a fixed penalty for parking illegally on double yellow in a place reserved for buses only? £60 fine and 3 points on her licence? Not likely. She was ‘Disciplined’, which means she was told not to do it again. If anyone recieves a parking ticket from her, then refuse to pay it and go to court and tell the magistrate you will be only to happy to pay the fine, once the court provides evidence the PCSO was fined also. If she has not been fined, then ask the magistrate ‘Is every man equal under the law?’ Gets rite up my nose the 1 rule for 1, another rule for the other corruption.


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