Model agency creates world’s first app for portfolios of its stars

Amber Martinez, one of the women with MOT models
Amber Martinez, one of the women with MOT models
Amber Martinez, one of the women with MOT models
Amber Martinez, one of the women with MOT models

A top London model agency has launched the world’s first FREE app that shows portfolios of its catwalk stars.

MOT models has hundreds of women, men and juniors on its books – covering everything from plus size to pregnant models around Europe.

For more than 20 years they have followed the industry standard of printing heavy catalogues and uploading the models’ profiles to their own site.

But their app – believed to be the first in the modelling industry – now displays more than 400 of its commercial models who represent some of the world’s largest brands.

MOT Models Director Mike Illes said: ‘You’d be surprised how many clients have meetings on flights or in clubs that totally lack internet access. By using the app, creative agencies can show their clients the prospective models without fear of technical failure.

‘We are in effect giving people a ‘virtual lightbox’ in their pocket on their mobile, or on their tablet. We’ve just launched this and our models love the app too as they can easily download their portfolios too, knowing that it is always up-to-date as we are constantly up-loading new images from the most recent campaigns.’

Mike worked in IT in the City of London before teaming with wife Helen Illes, who founded the MOT Models business in 1985.

The new app, available through iTunes and Google Play was developed by the agency’s long-standing independent website developer, David Mold, based in Georgia, US.

For twenty years, heavy and luxuriously produced catalogues were used to communicate the breadth of models, and then the MOT model’s website hosted all of the model information.

But the app will make it quicker and easier for users to research model profiles anywhere on their smartphone or tablet.

The fast and efficient app, available in both IOS and Android formats, allows users to quickly download the portfolios of any chosen model. Typically, clients using models in campaigns start with a selection of model choices, usually in a similar genre.

Mike added: ‘As far as we are aware, this is the first Model Agency app worldwide designed to assist the creative industries. It’s already proving to be a hit and is particularly helpful to those who are almost 100 per cent mobile-orientated, typically those in the music and fashion industries. It’s such a simple idea that’s so efficient, I’m surprised we didn’t think of it earlier.’




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