Mobile Devices Have Increased the Number of Online Gamers


There was a time not too long ago when the boomers were the largest portion of the population to access gaming sites online. Today growing numbers of millennials have joined the ranks of online gamers and are forecast to overtake the elder generation for a number of reasons. When looking at gaming in the UK, it is evident that mobile devices have increased the number of online gamers for a few very good reasons.

Historical Perspective of Gaming

At the very beginning of the internet when it was just becoming accessible to households around the world the only real way to access online gaming sites was through desktop PCs. Bear in mind that at the very beginning there were no mobile devices – no laptops, no tablets, no mobile phones and certainly no smart phones. Today the internet can be accessed through smart watches and other wearables that no longer need a mobile phone to connect. With so many mobile devices on the market ready to access gaming sites it is no wonder that mobile devices have increased the number of online gamers. However, that really isn’t the whole story either.

Boomers vs Millennials

The next consideration should be in regards to which generation is the largest and which generation has the larger amount of spending power. Until just recently the answer was, without a doubt, boomers. Unfortunately, as boomers are slowly moving on back to their maker and the beginning of the millennial generation are just now reaching middle age the times are quickly changing. Millennials, the bulk of them anyway, are working, not yet retired and most earn a good income. With the biggest amount of disposable income, millennials have more money to spend waging bets on slots, roulette and other online casino games.

Not So Fast!

So now that millennials have surpassed (as of this year) boomers in spending power it would seem that they are the reason online gaming is exploding in the UK. It would seem as though that is the answer you are looking for but, not so fast! That is only half the answer. Millennials are a highly mobile segment of the population. They spend very little time cooped up in a room going online even though they are the ones who frequent the internet with more regularity than boomers. The real reason would be the mobile phones that are all but attached to their anatomy.

When is the last time you saw a millennial without a mobile device? That’s right, probably never! With advanced responsive websites and millions upon millions of millennials accessing gaming sites from mobile phones you can see how they have increased the number of online gamers. In the end you have the largest generation ever and this is the generation that has the largest amount of disposable income to spend on entertainment. It isn’t that they make more money but when added up the cumulative amount is higher than that of boomers. Since millennials are mobile and most have a mobile device, there is no question as to just how mobile phones have increased the number of mobile gamers. It’s all in the numbers. Now if it were just as easy to predict numbers in roulette we’d have a very rich generation.


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