Mixture of personalities makes the best risk management team, claims provider


The best risk management teams are made up of a range of different personalities, according to a leading provider.

Sword Active Risk found that there was a ‘stereotypical’ risk management specialist dubbed the ‘technician’ which often made up the bulk of the profession.

Technicians were found to be cautious and anaytical with 60 per cent of risk managers fitting that profile.

The other 30 per cent were ‘evanglicals’ – inspiring leaders, very optimistic, diplomatic and persuasive – and ‘drivers’ at 10 per cent, who are pragmatic, results driven, focused and determined, preferring results to facts.

Sword Active Risk have displayed their findings as an infographic.

Managing Director Keith Ricketts said that contrary to industry belief, the best team was comprised of the different personality types.

He said: “We found that risk managers have many different personality profiles, however, there is a stereotypical risk manager and about 60% fall broadly into this category, which we call Technicians. The other types were Evangelists, who made up about 30% and Drivers who made up about 10%. In our experience, the ideal risk team
includes a combination of all these types because to be truly effective and bring out the best in the team as whole you need a mix of skills.

“Technicians need Evangelists to help them sell the benefits of risk management to other departments, including the Board. The risk team also needs some Drivers to ensure that objectives are achieved, projects stay on track and are brought to a successful conclusion.

“Having a mix of these personality types can cause friction, however, acknowledgement that each has their own talents, and works in different ways, is a good step towards maintaining an efficient and harmonious team. Learning how to deal with other personality types, possibly with some training, is critical to running a successful and highly effective risk management team.”


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