Missing estate agent was ‘murdered by Fred West and his brother’

Missing: Suzy Lamplugh
Missing: Suzy Lamplugh
Missing: Suzy Lamplugh
Missing: Suzy Lamplugh

Missing estate agent Suzy Lamplugh was abducted and murdered by FRED WEST and his brother John, claims the author of a new book.

Crime researcher Graham McGredy-Hunt claims serial sex killer West and brother John were responsible for killing Suzy Lamplugh , 27, after she vanished 25 years ago.

McGredy-Hunt is convinced the brothers then buried the vivacious London estate agent beneath the keep at Norton Barracks, near Pershore, Worcs.

Mr McGredy-Hunt began investigating Fred West in 1999 and has now written a book, Searching for Suzy, after becoming convinced that he killed her with John.

He suggests that the Wests were likely to have been implicated in at least two other high-profile murders – Nicola Payne in 1992 and Carol Ann Park in 1976.

The author also links Fred West to the murder of Shirley Banks in 1987 – despite convicted rapist John Cannon serving a life sentence for the killing.

McGredy-Hunt, from Tewkesbury, said: “The investigation I began in 1999 has also provided surprising new information about Cromwell Street.”

He is adamant that Rosemary West – who is currently serving ten life sentences for the Cromwell Street murders – was innocent.

McGredy-Hunt believes that John West was Fred’s accomplished and killed almost 100 women with his brother – filming many of the murders including Suzy’s to sell as #150 ‘snuff’ movies.


Police dig in Norton, near Worcester, in 2011 to try and find Suzy who vanished 15 years ago
Hunt: Police dig in Norton, near Worcester, in 2011 to try and find Suzy who vanished 25 years ago

Suzy disappeared on July 26, 1986, after arranging to meet a ‘Mr Kipper’ to view a property in Fulham, London.

Her car was found nearby with her purse still inside but Suzy could never be traced.

Mr McGredy-Hunt says ‘Mr Kipper’ was John West and Suzy had made a word association – John West Kippers – to remind her of her client when she wrote it in her diary.

Fred West was renowned for taking building contracts all over the country and had completed work on properties in Fulham in 1984 – two years before Suzy disappeared.

Fred West with wife Rose
Fred West with wife Rose

Suzy had told her mother that a ‘Bristol businessman’ kept pestering her and she was going to tell him to leave her alone.

In the book, the authors states that the businessman was actually Fred West, who was more than capable of putting on a smart suit and acting in an impressive manner.

Fred and John West both committed suicide.

Mr McGredy-Hunt has passed his evidence to Gloucestershire police.

A senior police officer who was involved in the Fred West case and asked to remain anonymous said there was “no evidence” for the claims.

They said: “All credit to the author for his painstaking research and he is, of course, entitled to his opinion.

“But there is no evidence to place Fred or John West in Fulham at that time.”

Searching for ‘Suzy’ can be obtained through Amazon, from LuLu.com or from Alison’s Bookshop in Tewkesbury.


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