‘Miracle’ hair growth serum on sale


A ‘miracle’ treatment which claims to strengthen hair and increase growth by up to 45 per cent goes on sale tomorrow.

'Miracle' LA Science Serum hair growth product on sale

LA Science Serum re-growth formula – already used by celebrities like Calum Best – can give men AND women a fuller scalp in eight to 12 weeks.

Stress, hormonal issues, bad diet and even hair extensions lead to some 40 million men and 20 million women suffering partial hair loss or thinning, baldness and alopecia.

LA Science Serum’s unique ‘Nano-encapsulated system’ with Copper Tri-peptides and Biomimetic Peptides, promises to re-stimulate dormant hair follicles, strengthen the hair shaft and normalise the hair growth cycle.

The company, which has advanced UK orders of more than 10,000, have hailed the Serum ”inspired” and ”a massive leap in preventing hair loss”.

Respected independent trichologist Tony Maleedy said: ”It uses pioneering technology to combat baldness for men and women.

”There are many reasons why men and women specifically lose hair. Stress is a common cause of hair loss, as is dieting or a poor diet.

”Being ill or just rundown can also sometimes cause the hair to become thin.”

The serum was designed to combat the common signs of ageing for millions of men and women by strengthening and nourishing hair providing re-growth.

It should be used alongside LA Science Shampoo which increases and delays the cycle of hair loss.

The company recommend customers use the shampoo daily and the serum twice a day on bald patches or areas of concern.

It also claims the treatment can benefit women going through the menopause and those suffering hair loss due to Alopecia.

“Highly stimulating effect on the scalp and hair follicles”

Independent Trichologist Tony Maleedy added: ”A major factor for a woman in her fifties is the menopause and the effect on the hair that it can have.

”At menopause the level of the female hormone oestrogen falls and in some women with a genetic predisposition this can result in the hair becoming thinner.

”Some hair treatments can be very helpful such as the LA Science Anti Hair Loss Serum which has a highly stimulating effect on the scalp and hair follicles, this reduces hair loss and encourages better hair growth.

”I recommend the regime to my clients who have celebrated success with the unique formulation.”

A spokesman for LA Science said: ”Around 40 million men and 20 million women are said to suffer from baldness.

”We provide a safe treatment in which to promote hair re-growth in a society adding pressure on the importance of hair in length, health and thickness.”

The LA Science Serum costs #29.99 for two month’s supply and is available from Boots today (Weds). The Follicle Stimulating Shampoo is already on sale for #14.99.


  1. Miracle Serum is really a miracle. The formula comes in a serum that some have claimed to have been long used by important people and celebrities yet it isn’t easily available in the market until today. The serum is believed to initiate the re-growth of hair in as fast as eight weeks.

  2. Today, a lot of men and women are trying to find out a product to make their hair grow fuller and faster. They are constantly striving to find a top rapid hair growth Serum as one of those products.I have found this “Miracle” the best among all.


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