Miniature lamb’s miracle survival


This tiny lamb has beaten the odds and is thriving despite being smaller than a PINT GLASS when it was born.

Miniature lamb's miracle survival

The lamb, called Shirley, was so tiny when she was delivered last week farmer Rita Gatehouse, 65, was warned she might not survive.

But she rallied and now stands 12ins (30cm) high – but is still half the size of her brother, called Phil.

Rita, 65, helped deliver the Shirley, who was the last of three, at her farm at Hilluppencott, Bitterley, near Ludlow, Shrops., last Thursday.

She said: ”I have never seen a lamb as small as Shirley. She was a scrap of a thing and you could literally fit her in a pint glass.

”We were very worried because you do get a few who die when you have been lambing for a long while.

”The ewe gave birth to three lambs, a great big one, a normal sized one and this tiny little one.

”It’s the smallest one I’ve ever seen that has ever lived. I would say it’s just a bit bigger than a rabbit.

”Our grand-daughter brought it up from the shed into the house and we have had it in the washing basket ever since.”

The family are now going to keep Shirley as a family pet.

Rita added: ”She’s small but has got a huge personality.”


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