Mini twister appears over British fishing port


Britain’s barmy weather took a quick turn for the worst – when this mini TWISTER appeared over a fishing port.

The 200ft tornado-like cloud was seen racing through the sky above Brixham in Devon.

Crowds of onlookers watched as the water spout hovered over the port, breaking away from dense clouds.

One said: ”I saw what looked like a tornado forming right in front of me. I got as close as I could and took some photos.

”It must have been a 100ft to 200ft from top to bottom. It was getting bigger and bigger.”

The twister over Brixham was caught on camera by Brixham resident Ali King at 7pm on Tuesday.

A spokesman from the Met Office said it was likely to be a funnel cloud – condensed water droplets extending from the base of a cumulus or cumulonimbus cloud.

He said: ”Atmospheric pressures would not have given rise to a tornado. It was more likely a funnel cloud or a strange cloud formation.”


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