Millions of men admit their wife wears the trousers in their household


Half of the nation’s men reckon their wife wears the trousers in the household, it emerged yesterday.

Millions of men admit their missus has the upper hand when it comes to minding the purse strings, switching utility companies and making big family decisions.

Husbands on the other hand, are only in charge of getting the boiler fixed, sorting out cover for home appliances and comparing insurance quotes.

Yet although women may control the budget, it’s the men who are truly savvy, with 50% knowing when to get in the experts and getting care plans to cover the cost of servicing and avoid costly repairs.

This is the one area which women have not yet got to grips with, with just a third signing up to service plans, proving that women do it themselves and men call in the experts.

Yesterday, a spokesman for npower, which carried out the research to support their hometeam 50 boiler care service plan, said: ”It seems women are in control in the majority of British homes – from deciding what to have for dinner to decorating the home.

”They are the smart ones keeping costs down by switching utility companies or comparing insurance quotes, which were once deemed a man’s job.

“However husbands are saving £40 a year by taking out service plans, rather than paying the average £245 a year on repairs, proving that they are the real financial experts.

”Our new hometeam 50 service plan provides care for your boiler from just £10.50 a month, with 50% of your money back if you don’t make a claim during the 12 month policy, as well as a free boiler service worth £74 – leaving henpecked husbands free to help out with other domestic chores around the home.”


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