Military & Commercial LED Lighting Manufacturer Launches new Thin NVIS Step Light



Blue Wolf, one of the top leading comapnies in Night Vision Compatible LED lighting (NVIS/NVG),  has announced the release of a brand new product, the NVIS Step Light.


The new NVIS Step Light features a thin profile for easy mounting.

With 10 LED’s, it is designed for illuminating steps, instrumentation or small cargo service areas such as those found in aircraft, tanks, boating vessels, or other special Military Night Vision use applications.

Having a small profile, this LED light is perfect for flexible illumination needs such as those requiring small area flood lighting, illumination of small service compartment areas, or safety lighting, and is available with different color options such as standard white, IR, Red, Blue, Green, or others colours.

This light is particularly designed to with stand harsh environments, made out of durable 6061-T6 aluminium, is IP67 rated, has an LED span of 40,000 hours, and has been tested to MIL-STD-810G.

Utilizing only two screws, this thin profile (3.125” x .813”) light can be easily installed while preforming any NVIS/NVG upgrades or standard lighting additions.

With a low power consumption of 1.4 Watts, the light can be connected to the 28VDC battery bus with no concerns of heavy power use.

Additionally, no wires are seen with this light as they all pass through out the back centre of the light making this installed light clean and professional looking in any panel or wall mounted solution.



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