‘Meteorite’ hits cricket fan


With batsmen such as Luke Wright and Murray Goodwin, Sussex fans are used to seeing balls fly out of the cricket ground – but meteorites entering the stadium?

This is what is thought to have happened in Uxbridge last week when Sussex took on Middlesex in the County Championship.

Jan Marszel and Richard Haynes were enjoying a pint while England star Wright was at the crease when a five-inch object came hurtling through the air in their direction before smashing into the ground five yards in from the boundary.

Mr Marszal told The Argus: “One piece bounced up and hit me in the chest and the other ended up against the boundary board.

“It came across at quite a speed – if it had hit me full on it could have been very interesting.”

Dr Matthew Genge, a meteorite expert at Imperial College, London, added: “If this turns out to be a meteorite it’s very exciting and would be the first fall in the UK since 1992.

“Potentially it contains secrets as to the formation of our solar system.”


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