Met Create Anti-Drink Driving Mannequin Challenge

Mannequin challenge done by the MET police
Mannequin challenge done by the MET police
Mannequin challenge done by the MET police

Britain’s biggest police force have created a hard-hitting mannequin challenge, to raise awareness of the dangers of drink driving.

In the last few months, colleagues, artists, athletes and politicians have attempted their own mannequin challenges, standing like statues in videos to depict various scenes.

First Lady Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Nicole Scherzinger and the Aston Villa football squad are just some of the celebs to take party in the viral internet trend.

But two Met Police constables had the smart idea of creating their own video, to highlight the consequences of driving while under the influence of booze or drugs.

Mannequin challenge done by the MET police
Mannequin challenge done by the MET police

The one minute clip shows the harrowing aftermath of a drink driving accident.

The fictional driver had been partying the night before and had not realised alcohol would still be in his bloodstream the next day.

A young man, who had been hit by a car, lay on the ground, receiving CPR.

Meanwhile police officers were seen breathalysing a driver, wearing a festive Christmas jumper, while another passenger was questioned.

Commander Neil Jerome, from the Met’s Territorial Policing Command, said: “Our mannequin challenge is simple, but hard-hitting and illustrates the consequences of driving when intoxicated.

“Anyone who drives a vehicle when they are over the prescribed limit of drink and/or drugs, legal or illegal, is not only breaking the law but poses an unacceptable risk to themselves, their passengers and other road users.”

Any amount of alcohol or drugs in a person’s blood system can affect their ability to drive.

And over-the-counter medicines, as well as illegal drugs, can also impact how you drive.

swns_mannequin_met_07Drivers can be breathalysed whenever they are involved in a collision, a moving traffic offence or it is suspected they have been drinking or taking drugs.

Commander Jerome said: “If you are caught under the influence you face very serious penalties which may include a mandatory 12-month ban, points on your licence and even time in jail. You may also lose your job and loss of your independence.

“The Met is taking positive action during this campaign and at all times, to catch those who break the law in this way and bring offenders to justice.

“We will be proactively patrolling to stop, arrest and convict those found to be over the prescribed limit.”


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