Men spend an average £35 on Valentine’s Day… but women only fork out £20


Men will spend an average of £35 on Valentine’s Day but women will only for out £10, according to research.

The study found that men are more generous when it comes to romantic treats – with one in 10 splashing out up to £75.

But women prefer to keep hold of their cash – with 10 per cent only spending £10 on gifts for their partner.

The figures emerged in research by Evolution Money and have been published as an infographic.

It shows that young people aged 25 – 34 are the most generous with an average spend of £33. One in three adults are planning to mark the date, with Scots being the stingiest and only spending £26 on average.

Flowers are expected to be the most popular gift, with total spend on floral gifts across the UK set t o hit £262million. The survery showed that the total amount spent on Valentine’s Day will soar from £595 million in 2014 to £622 million this year.

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Of Love & Money: Valentine’s Day in the UK

 A spokesman for loan providers Evolution Money said: ‘We’ve gone into detail explaining what will be spent leading up to and on Valentine’s Day in 2015, as well as some other popular facts and figures about the 14th of February.

‘Following shortly after Christmas and the New Year, Valentine’s Day can definitely become a rather large and somewhat necessary expense when it comes to keeping partners satisfied and feeling loved. Presents ranging from weekends away, spa treatments and even a car can make this day quite expensive!

‘As what is considered normal nowadays, the market is quick and keen to capitalise on the days’ celebrations, with plenty of options to go around when it comes to deciding on that special gift for your other half.

‘With the added strain of the recently passed holiday season, Valentine’s Day can be an additional cost on couples who are only just starting to recover from the recent spending splurges of the festive period.

‘At this time, many people consider consolidating previous debts in order to start the year afresh, and still have some left over to enjoy the spoils of this special day.

‘The subtle and informative infographic delves into the world of Valentine’s Day spending habits. It clearly shows how much people will spend this year, and breaks down some interesting facts and figures regarding the norms of the day.

‘It also illustrates the types of typical gifts usually purchased on Valentine’s Day, who will spend the most on their partners, and what items are considered as vital when it comes to celebrating properly and showing how much people care for each other.’


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