Men only do ‘half a job’ when tackling household chores, claim women


Men only do ‘half a job’ when tackling household chores, the nation’s women revealed yesterday.

Research carried out among 2,000 females found around two thirds regularly have to go round and clean or tidy up after their husbands have already ‘done it’.

The study also found that six in ten women wish their partner wouldn’t bother helping out around the house at all because they do it so badly.

The research, commissioned by Karcher Window Vac, also found just 35 per cent of women believe their other half does a ‘thorough job’ when asked to help out.

And four in ten said they were convinced their man did half a job to avoid being asked to help out in future.

Throwing everything out of sight or simply moving the mess around and cramming things into cupboards were the most common tidying techniques men proved guilty of.

TV interior design expert Naomi Cleaver, who worked with Karcher Window Vac on the campaign, said “As an interior designer, a home’s appearance is very important to me and I understand how house-proud people are.

”I’m not surprised to learn more than half of women judge people on the cleanliness of their homes.”

The study also found pushing rubbish down further into a full bin, leaving big smears when cleaning mirrors and putting coloured clothes in with whites as common cleaning shortcuts by men.

Squirting bleach down the toilet instead of cleaning it, ignoring the recycling system and picking bits up off the floor instead of hoovering was also frequent.

Results also saw a fifth of women admit they were grateful that their partner makes the effort to assist with cleaning, but wished he wouldn’t.

While a less lucky one in ten have to completely re-do a cleaning job their partner’s attempted – usually because they’ve dusted round objects rather than lift them or wiped mess from surfaces onto the floor.

In fact, six in ten women would actually prefer their partner just left the cleaning to them and helped in other ways.

But it’s not all down to the man of the house, nine in ten women describe themselves as very house proud and over a third would never want anyone else to be responsible for the cleanliness of the home.

Perhaps that’s because more than half the women studied admit they judge people heavily based on the cleanliness of their homes, while 56 per cent can’t stand clutter.

Homeowners in London are keeping up appearances as a huge 95 per cent describe themselves as house-proud.

Scotland is home to the UK’s most prolific cleaners with a third of housewives declaring they tidy daily.

According to 45 per cent of housewives, clean windows are vital to keep a house looking great and a quarter cleans their windows before hosting guests.

But one in ten Brits admit to never cleaning their windows.


1.     Dusting round objects instead of lifting them
2.     Wipe crumbs on the floor instead of the bin
3.     Don’t wash food off dishes properly
4.     Push rubbish further into the bin instead of emptying it
5.     They just rinse the shower/bath instead of scrubbing it
6.     Leave smears on windows or mirrors
7.     Put coloured clothes in with whites
8.     They squirt bleach down the toilet instead of cleaning it
9.     Don’t put recycling in the recycle bin
10.   Pick bits off the floor instead of hovering


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