Meet the wannabe town crier – aged FOUR


Loud mouth Tom Gahan will be involved in a ding-dong battle today as he takes part in a national town crier’s competition – AGED FOUR.

Little Tom will hit the high notes as he takes to the streets of his home town of Wootton Bassett, Wilts., to bellow alongside 20 experienced town criers.

Tom, who only started school last week, has been shouting around the town since he was given a tricorn hat and bell when he was just two.

He was invited by his hero, town crier Owen Collier, to pit his wits against competitors from around the country.

Proud, if slightly embarrassed, mum Joanne, 43, said: ”He has loved the town crier, Owen, since he was about two,

”My aunty gave him a tricorn hat and my mum gave him a brass bell, which she got from an antiques shop.

”We would go into town and he would belt out his stuff and I would just think ‘he’s not mine’. They just don?t get embarrassed at that age.”

Librarian Joanna added: ”Tom is very excited. He’s incredibly shy but hides behind the guise of the town crier.

”I am shy as well, so goodness knows what I am going to do on Saturday.”

Wootton Basset town crier Owen invited Tom to take part in the competition after market traders said how impressed they were after hearing the youngster cry in the town.

Owen said: ”On market day Tom usually sees me but I wasn’t there one day and someone told me that Tom had been there with his hat and bell and he was yelling away.

”The market traders were so impressed with him that they said he was better than me.

”I think it is great that he takes an interest in the town crier.”


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