Medical standards come first for London’s American Cosmetic Surgery


Founded in 2001 by Dr Yantis Alexandrines, M.S. F.A.C.S, the American Cosmetic Surgery ensures that the patient experience lies at the heart of what we offer.

It is critical that the patient is as comfortable and satisfied long after their treatment. We believe the only way to guarantee this is through the high calibre of our medical staff, their continued training, and commitment to perfecting new techniques.

All members of the medical staff must be board-certified and practice the regulations stated in the General Medical Council’s ‘Good Medical Practice’ and the Keogh Cosmetic Surgery Report.

Dr Alexandrides recognises that to deliver medical excellence is only half the story when it comes to cosmetic surgery, and that treating the patient holistically will deliver optimum results for both the patient and practice.

All procedures are carefully tailored to meet individual needs, with the benefits of the life-improving treatment at the core of every consultation. More than simply a medical procedure, the team works with each client to develop a comprehensive care plan that will take them from the pre-operative stage through to the post-treatment phase.

Dr Yannis Alexandrides, managing director and head of practice and surgical at the American Cosmetic Surgery, said: ”Our patients come first and foremost in everything that we do. That’s why it is imperative to ensure our staff implement the highest possible medical standards, but also actively understand the developments in the sector, both In the U.S and in Europe. This dual approach means that we can offer each and every patient a fully-rounded treatment package.”


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