Rowan Atkinson helps driver of McLaren F1 after supercar horror smash


A wealthy petrolhead had a lucky escape after losing control of his £6 million McLaren F1 in a horror crash.

The driver, believed to be an American businessman, had been taking part in a supercar tour with the likes of Rowan Atkinson.

He managed to lose control of 240mph McLaren before smashing into a tree with the British supercar ending up on its roof.

Mr Bean star Atkinson, who has crashed his F1 twice, was two minutes up the road and quickly returned to the scene to help the driver and his passenger.

Amazingly, both people involved in the horror crash emerged relatively unscathed, although the passenger was flown to hospital as a precaution.

The crash took place in Tuscany where a number of McLaren F1 drivers were taking part in an exclusive owners’ tour.

The McLaren F1, known as chassis #72, is likely to be the most valuable modern day car ever crashed.

In most cases, a crash like this would see the car being written off, but F1 values have soared in recent years and they now cost in excess of #6 million.

The car will now be transported back to McLaren’s factory in Woking, Surrey, where a very expensive repair will be carried out.

When Atkinson crashed his F1 for the second time, in 2011, it ended up costing his insurance company a staggering #900,000.

The car, powered by a 6.1-litre engine, is capable of 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds and a top speed in excess of 240mph.

One of the first people to arrive at the scene of the crash was Marchettino, an Italian YouTuber who specialises in making supercar videos.

He said: “I was just 1km far from the site of the accident filming Rowan Atkinson’s McLaren F1 when a truck driver stopped to tell us that an F1 just had a massive crash.

“We quickly went back and what we discovered was just shocking.

“The road was blocked by several trucks and then we saw the back of a white McLaren F1 upside down.

“The car was badly damaged and as I looked down the ditch I saw the driver and the passenger sitting on the ground.

“By looking at the damage you realise the brutality of the impact and the first thing I noticed is that both occupants could have ended a lot worse.

“The driver didn’t looked injured, but the passenger had suffered minor injuries.

“The McLaren F1 worth millions of euros nowadays and I hope this one will be fixed someday, but a human life is worth more than that I’m glad the occupants are still alive.”

A member of staff from McLaren, who was providing support on the tour, confirmed everyone was okay.


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