Rock ‘n’ roll’s dullest ever stag doo! McFly star Harry Judd has game of darts in country pub

Harry Judd from McFly had a low-key stag doo
Harry Judd from McFly had a low-key stag doo
Harry Judd from McFly had a low-key stag doo
Harry Judd from McFly had a low-key stag doo

McFly drummer Harry Judd appears to have put his wild rock ‘n roll days behind him by celebrating his stag do by playing darts- at a country

The rock star had been terrified by what his bandmates would arrange for his send-off from bachelorhood.

But sensible Harry, 26, only had a “few drinks”, played one game of pool and sang on a cheap karaoke machine as he let loose last Friday.

Reigning Strictly Come Dancing champion Harry was joined by fellow bandmates Tom Fletcher and Danny Jones, who blasted him for his appalling vocals.

Harry was also joined by ex-footballer Robbie Savage and 23 other pals for the low-key party at the Six Bells pub in Felsham, Suffolk.

Bizarrely his pals spent eight weeks planning the party – which has proved to be rock ‘n roll’s dullest ever stag do.

Landlady Janet Stenson said: “I got a phone call eights weeks ago from one of their mates who said they were due to stay at the Old Buckenham Hall where Harry went to school.

“They were back for the weekend, and the friends said they wanted to come to the pub fro a few drinks, play pool, darts and have a bit of a sing song on the karaoke.

“There were 27 of them in total. They were here Friday and pretty much took over the pub.

“We were still open to our regular locals but some of them looked quite shocked hen Harry and the others walked in.

“Word soon got out and we got a few kids arrive later on- some of the girls from the village who wanted to meet them.

“I also had a star-struck daughter, Sorcha who is 18 and works behind the bar.

“She was chatting with them. They were really nice and so down to earth.

“The boys were absolutely brilliant. They were just singing with some of the kids and having their photos taken.”

Harry is due to marry violinist Izzy Johnston, who is a member of band Escala, after proposing to her in May.

Barmaid Sorcha, who was snapped enjoying the party with Harry, said: “I was working and it was really busy but I did get to speak to them.

“They were really nice – but then i got interrupted and had to go sort out somebody’s bill.”



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