Masters graduate clutches job-seeking placard after 100 rejections


A Masters Degree student who applied for over 100 jobs without getting a single interview has taken to a busy roundabout clutching a placard which reads – ”graduate needs job”.

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Desperate Matt Barber, 25, sent his impressive CV and covering letter to 100s of businesses since February – but has failed to land a single interview.

He is so keen to get a job he has offered a £300 reward to anyone giving him a lead to an interview that secures him a job.

Matt was left with crippling student debt after he forking out over £20,000 on a Geography degree, a PGCE and a Masters in environmental management.

But despite over 100 applications he has still not managed to land an interview and has become so desperate he has taken a part time job in his local supermarket cafe.

Matt took to a roundabout in his hometown of Plymstock, Devon, with a wood and cardboard placard which reads ”graduate needs job highly-skilled” along with his email address.

He said: ”I’m doing everything I can to find a job. I’ve applied for more than 100 jobs since February, mainly across the South West, and I’ve not had a single interview.

”I know it’s not my application or my CV; I’ve written out CVs for friends and family members and they’ve got jobs. I just can’t seem to find one.

”I’m representing graduates across the city who can’t find anything. I’m not the only one.

”A lot of my friends are the same. They’re going through a tough time.”

Matt, who lives with mother Julie, 50, was awarded a 2:2 degree in Geography from the University of Plymouth in 2005, but struggled to find work.

A year later he did a PGCE, and taught Geography for 18 months before embarking on an environmental management Masters degree last September, which he has now finished.

And with jobs at a premium, Matt sent out over 100 job applications in his preferred area of environmental management – but has not been offered a single interview.

Last week he adopted the unusual approach after hearing of a similar instance where a man landed a career by advertising himself during rush hour.

He said: ”I was inspired by a guy in Sheffield who did the same thing. He wasn’t a graduate, but he managed to get a job by doing the same thing.

”My mother was really against me doing it but I thought it’s got to be worth a go because nothing else is working.

”I spent an hour and a half on a roundabout and I had cars beeping and people smiling and sticking their thumbs up.

”I thought I could catch chief executives or managers going to their workplaces during rush-hour. A couple of cars stopped to ask me about what I was doing.

”Ultimately, I want to work in the environmental management field.”

His drastic approach to job-hunting is similar to Bridgwater-based Claire Fear, who has been rejected for more than 80 jobs since June – including 50 in one day.


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