Mass girl-on-girl brawl caught on camera


Police are trying to track down eight women involved in a mass brawl at a petrol station after video of the fight was uploaded to the internet.

Women involved in mass brawl prompts police

According to the police report, the street fight involved two groups of women – one made of five females and the other consisting of three.

The video, shot at a Race Trac gas station in Florida on December 30,  shows the two groups engaged in a heated argument with the factions moving closer and closer to one another.

Then one woman hits another prompting a mass brawl with onlookers watching in amazement.

As blows are exchanged among the women, dresses are lifted over one-another’s heads, exposing the women in just their underwear. Clothes and hair extensions are ripped off and left on the floor.

The police weren’t informed of the incident – finding out about the street rumble after various mobile phone videos went viral on websites including Youtube, World Star Hip Hop and Zoofs.

Ocala Police Department say they are now investigating the brawl and may press charges if they can identify the women involved.

Warning: Video contains mild nudity, some strong language and a severe lack of dignity



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