The Iron Lady’s softer side: How Margaret Thatcher adopted a homeless cat called Marvin


The late Margaret Thatcher had a secret softer side which she showed by adopting a homeless cat – called MARVIN, it emerged today.

Baroness Thatcher died at the age of 87 on Monday. During her political career she had been dubbed the Iron Lady after helping to win the Cold War and saving Britain from economic ruin by crushing left-wing firebrands.

Now the Mayhew Animal Home in Trenmar Gardens, London, has revealed the former Prime Minister took in a stray cat, in 2007, following the death of her husband Denis, 88.

Bizarrely the retired Tory leader’s feline friend had already been named by the animal shelter as Marvin – a name she decided to keep.

Caroline Yates, Mayhew CEO, said: “Margaret Thatcher adopted a beautiful cat called Marvin from The Mayhew in 2007.

“Of course in circumstances like these people have varying conflicting options about world renowned political figures.

“At The Mayhew, however, we remain focussed on ensuring that all our homeless animals are able to go to a home where they receive dedicated love and care and a second chance at happiness.

“We are glad that when Margaret Thatcher chose to welcome a cat into her life she chose a rescue cat and one who needed that second chance.”

The Mayhew was established in 1886 and receives no funding from the local council or the Government – relying on donations to meet its daily running costs of around #3,000.


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