Man’s dying wish to be carried to funeral in the bucket of JCB granted


A digger driver’s dying wish was granted when his coffin was transported to his funeral – in the bucket of a JCB.

Dead man carried to funeral in the bucket of JCB

Great-grandfather Melvin Baker, 79, told friends and family he wanted to be taken to his final resting place in his favourite form of transport.

A digger driver throughout his career, his former boss Keith Bell arranged for the vehicle to lead the procession from his family home to the church and crematorium.

Dead man carried to funeral in the bucket of JCB

Mourners lined the route as Mr Baker passed by with the coffin in the tipping bucket of the JCB.

His widow Jean Baker said he was loved and respected by everybody where they live in Cinderford, Glos.

She said: ”We wanted him to have the send off he deserved.

”It was the one thing he said he wanted for his funeral. It was perfect, exactly what he wanted.”

Dead man carried to funeral in the bucket of JCB

Melvin had originally worked for Keith Bell’s father Jim. Keith remained a family friend and after chatting with his family was happy to make the wish come true.

He said: ”Melvin ended up driving the diggers for us and told me he wanted to make his final journey in one.

”When he first brought it up I thought he was joking but kept on going on and on about it.

Dead man carried to funeral in the bucket of JCB

”After he died, I dreaded bringing it up with his family, but Jean just said ‘we’ve got to do it for him, Keith, he went on about it all the time’.”

The Reverend Pat Allen led the procession for the final part of his journey to St Stephen’s Church before going to Yew Tree Brake crematorium.


  1. it was a beautifullthing the old man who worked for this company with this machine he`s deserve“s to goining he`s last journey with he`s favorite machine
    Rest In Peace Old Man


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