The park near the home of Alfi, 6, from Washington near Sunderland where he had a block of soap put in his mouth by 23 year old Rian Birtwell. Birtwell, who was found guilty of battery at Sunderland crown court, claims Alfi was swearing at him after he stopped him from kicking an old man’s walking stick. See SWNS story SWSOAP; A man washed a child’s mouth out with soap after the youngster told him to ‘fuck off’ and tried to kick an old man’s walking stick, a court heard. Angry Ryan Birtwell, 23 spotted the six-year-old’s behaviour in a park near his home and confronted him. Ryan had seen the boy kick an old man’s cane and told him to stop – but the youth told him to ‘fuck off’ and called him a ‘gay boy’, a court heard. Ryan then walked into a nearby shop and bought a three pack of soap and pinned the boy down and stuck a bar in his mouth.

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