Steve Gould who found a fox pulling off his trousers when he woke up in a bus stop . See SWNS story SWFOX; A party-boy has spoken of the night he passed out in a bus stop and was woken by a FOX tugging on his trouser leg. Steve Gould, 35, was out a few weeks ago in Soho when he tried to get the tube home but fell asleep and missed his stop and passed out at a bus stop. In a drunken daze, Steve was then woken but a FOX chewing on his trainers and trouser leg. He explained: “A few weeks ago I was out for a drink – quite a few drinks, actually – in Soho. “What I normally do at the end of the night, is get on the tube at Oxford Circus, Central Line through to Mile End, change for the District Line, get to the end of the line at Upminster and get a taxi home from there.

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