Man stunned when his brother manages to smuggle him a kebab 2,263 miles home from Greece


Hungry Andy Tsirtsikos tucked into a genuine Greek kebab – carried over 2,000 miles back to Britain by his brother.

Hungry Andy Tsirtsikos (L) with brother Alex (SWNS)
Hungry Andy Tsirtsikos (L) with brother Alex (SWNS)

Alexander Tsirtsikos visited relatives back in Greece for two weeks and teased his 27-year-old brother Andy with photographs of their traditional grub.

Andy, who was at home in Hull, East Yorks., jokingly told him to bring him back a gyro – a popular fast food dish – and Alexander did.

The night before flying home he bought one of the snacks – meat, tomato and fries in a pitta bread – and packed it in an ice cream tub.

To Andy’s delight he handed it to him when he landed the following day.

He popped it in the microwave and then wolfed it down – and said it tasted delicious.


Andy said: “My brother was sending me photographs while he was in Greece visiting the family.

“I couldn’t get the time off at the same time he was going, so he was sending me images of all the favourite foods I like that he was eating.

“He asked me what I wanted bringing back from Greece so I said I would really like some gyro and some souvlaki but he said he wouldn’t be able to do that.

“He said, ‘I don’t think I’d get it through customs’ but he managed to do it.”

Andy added: “They ordered it about 11pm on the Thursday and they flew through Greece and went through customs and managed to bring it back and I got it at 5pm the next day.”

Alexander filmed the moment his brother opened his food parcel on May 6.


Andy says: “This is the best present I could have had. It’s like I’m back in Greece. That is quality.”

Despite its 2,263-mile journey, the gyro tasted good and Andy polished it off.

He said: “I put it in the microwave for about two minutes. All my family was saying, ‘Hopefully you won’t get food poisoning and you won’t die’.

“We were all having a laugh about it.”

He added: “I actually thought it was quite fresh. The dip inside the tzatziki had managed to keep it all moist so it was really nice.

“I ate both of them. Usually I would only be able to eat one but I ate both because it’s not often you get that kind of food.”


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