Man stole woman’s car to get home after a ONE NIGHT STAND


A man who enjoyed a one night stand with a lady made his excuses – then STOLE her friend’s car to get home, a court heard.

Ryan Morrison met Cheryl Dowson during an evening on the town and she took him to her mate Steph Lilley’s home – while she away.

Mum-of-three Steph found them in bed together in the morning and kicked them out – but Morrison then nicked her car.

Community psychiatric nurse, Steph, 37, of Hartlepool, found her Ford Fiesta car gone and she reported it stolen to police.

Officers found Morrison behind the wheel still over the limit from the night before, Hartlepool Magistrates Court heard.

He had caused £1,700-worth of damage to the vehicle, with dents to the bodywork, a burst tyre and a buckled wheel.

Morrison pleaded guilty to aggravated vehicle taking and theft after previously admitting to driving with excess alcohol, having no licence and no insurance.

Prosecutor Stephen Littlewood said: “Miss Lilley’s friend had been on a night out in Hartlepool when she bumped into the defendant.

“He bought her drinks and they ended up going on together. Despite intending to go back to her own address, they went to Miss Lilley’s house and let herself and Morrison in.

“When Miss Lilley returned the next morning as planned she discovered her friend in her bed with the defendant.”

The court heard the furious homeowner immediately threw the pair out of her house on November 29.

David Smith, mitigating, said Morrison had been suffering from depression and anxiety at the time of the offence and was drinking too much.

Mr Smith said: “He allowed his state of intoxication to impact on his decision making.  The factors behind this must be addressed.”

Morrison, of Hartlepool, was given 12 weeks prison suspended for 12 months, and was also banned from driving for a year.

He was ordered to pay ?800 compensation to Steph and go on an alcohol treatment programme.

Chairman of the bench John Jenkins said: “The aggravating features are it was taken from a private property and damage was caused to the vehicle.”

Steph said: “I’m furious that my car keys were taken from my house. My car was stolen and numerous items taken.

“The whole incident infuriates me so much.  The sentence is lenient, but that’s all the court can do.

“At least this way I’m going to get some of the money back for all the damage to my car.”


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