Keith Evans from Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, who has been reunited with his long lost Audi car. A car enthusiast who sold his classic Audi nearly 30 years ago because he couldn’t afford the insurance has bought it back – after spotting it on eBay recognising a DENT in the bonnet. See NTI story NTICAR. Keith Harris, 49, bought the 1983 Audi GT Coupe Fuel Injection for £4,900 in the summer of 1987 but crashed into another car just six months later. After seeing his insurance premium skyrocket he decided to sell it after having the damage to his bonnet repaired. But he has been reunited with his beloved motor 29 years later after he spotted it by chance while trawling eBay looking for car parts. Incredibly, he recognised the car, which was now a wreck, after spotting the 12inch-long dent which was still visible in the bodywork. He called the seller, who lived 300 miles away in Dunfermline, Scotland, who confirmed it was his old car and he has now been reunited it after buying it back for £1,100. When dad-of-two Keith, brought it back to his home in Catshill, Worcs., he discovered the engine still runs and has its original features including seat covers and lights.

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