Man in agony after his e-cigarette ‘EXPLODED’ – and turned his entire leg BLACK


A man was left with horrific burns after an e-cigarette blew up in his pocket and set his entire leg – on FIRE.

The charred remains of Robbie Robson’s leg after his e-cigarette blew up (SWNS Group)
The charred remains of Robbie Robson’s leg after his e-cigarette blew up (SWNS Group)

Robbie Robson’s leg went up in flames and a loud bang went off ‘like a firework’ as fiance Kerry Anne Vinson watched on and screamed in shock.

The 24-year-old suffered second and third degree serious burns and may require surgery after the explosion on Saturday, while the pair were out shopping in Aylesham, Kent.

Robbie had been carrying some spare batteries for his e-cigarette in his trousers when one exploded and set his entire right leg on fire.

He managed to reach into his pocket to push out one battery which had rapidly burnt through the material of his trousers.

Robbie Robson and his  fiance Kerry Anne Vinson (SWNS Group)
Robbie Robson and his fiance Kerry Anne Vinson (SWNS Group)

The other battery then melted onto his thigh – so he pulled it off and threw it away before putting out the fire that had engulfed his entire leg.

Robbie said: “We were just stood in the shop and all of a sudden there was a loud bang.

“It was just like a firework went off and the next thing I know my leg caught on fire.

“I managed to luckily put it out and get the batteries out my trousers.

“People need to be aware of this so it doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

The civil engineer, from Aylesham, went straight to A&E at Kent and Canterbury Hospital where he was cleaned up, revealing serious burns from the top of his thigh down to his ankle.
SWNS_ECIG_EXPLOSION_08He was then sent to Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead the following morning, where he was told he had second and third degree burns.

If the burns fail to heal properly, Robbie will be left needing extensive skin grafts.

The remains of Robbie Robson's exploded e-cigarette (SWNS Group)
The remains of Robbie Robson’s exploded e-cigarette (SWNS Group)

He has been told to walk on it as little as possible and to rest.

Even though Robbie has serious second and third degree burns all down his leg, his fiancée says he was lucky he was not wearing jeans and managed to get the fire out so quickly.

Kerry, a former Miss European beauty queen, said: “We were in our local shop, just finding some nibbles to have a nice evening together.

“I was next to him but completely panicked. It was just pure shock watching it and I just screamed, and it all happened so quickly.

“However, the way he handled it and how he has dealt with the pain after has just been amazing. I have never seen anyone be so calm and brave. He was truly amazing.

“And even now, knowing his leg will be scarred and he may need surgery it hasn’t phased him.

“I want him to rest up – I offered to make his Pot Noodle but he wouldn’t let it beat him, and because I wouldn’t make it right. He has just done amazing.”

Robbie has been using e-cigarettes since June last year to give up a 30-plus cigarettes-a-day habit.

He started with an “average e-cig” but it kept breaking so he decided to move on to a more “expensive, larger tank”.


This type needs 18650 40A rechargeable batteries and Robbie says he always carries a spare pair of batteries in his pocket in case the e-cigarette runs out of charge.


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