Man hitches a ride – on bonnet of drunk friend’s car


A drink driver faces jail after he was caught careering down a road whilst twice the legal limit – with a friend desperately clinging to the bonnet.

Reckless Peter James, 23, had been boozing with mates when he jumped behind the wheel of his BMW in the early hours.

CCTV images show his friend climbing onto the bonnet of the car in the Forest of Dean, Glos., before jumping off and getting back on again.

Officers breathalysed James, who was found to have 62 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath, after the incident at 1am on August 1.

And on Wednesday he was told he faces jail after admitting drink driving and dangerous driving at Gloucester Magistrate’s Court.

Prosecuting solicitor Graham Dono said: ”The CCTV shows a female standing in front of the defendant’s BMW and then moving away.

”The defendant drives off but a man stands in front of his car and climbs on the bonnet.

”But the defendant drives off and over a speed bump with the man still on the bonnet.”

Claire Mortimer, mitigating, said: ”The man on the bonnet is a friend of my client and was trying to persuade him to go nightclubbing.

”He had only consumed two pints and did not want to go clubbing.

”He did not drive at excessive speed, there were a few people about at that time of night and the distance he drove was short.”


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