John Lacey whilst at work in Sidmouth, Devon. John works for the East Devon District Council and has been awarded the title of Devon’s nicest parking warden. 23/03/2016 A man has been hailed Britain’s nicest traffic warden as he spends his day helping people – AVOID fines. See swns story SWTRAFFIC. Kind-hearted John Lacey, 62, is carrying out a one man crusade to fight back against his industry’s bad reputation by showing a level of compassion not normally associated with the ticketing boys in blue. His good-will approach spreads to helping stricken motorists struggling to pay, rescuing others who have broken down and turning a blind eye to minor parking discrepancies. The great grandad even finds time to clear up all the litter on his rounds and will often spend more time helping drivers with his mechanic skills than penalising them for overstaying. John says he will often some weeks without issuing ANY tickets – but feels his way of operating works and sets his team apart from others. He has been working as a civil enforcement officer for the past 12 years, has now been officially recognised by his council employers as a “thoroughly nice chap”. He said: “We all too often get a bad rep but I have good rapport with people. “My ethos has always been ‘treat people the way you want to be treated’.” John, from Exeter, Devon, helps patrol East Devon District Council run car parks – but says he does everything possible to try and avoid anyone being fined.

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