Man finds ancient lobster with huge claw bigger than his own foot

The giant lobster which Dave Ibby pulled out of the sea in Brixham, Devon.

A man found a massive ancient lobster with a huge claw – bigger than his own foot.

Adventurer Dave Ibby, 48, came across the monster sea creature while free-diving.

It was stuck in fishing wire so Dave pulled it free – but was shocked by its size.

The lobster – which could be over 100 years old – had a main claw bigger than Dave’s foot.

He said: “It was under a ledge and was enormous.

“I’ve dived for 10 years and I’ve seen lobsters all over the North East, which is renowned for them, but I’ve never seen one this size.

“In weight it was about 6.5kg, one of his claws dwarfed my foot.”

Dave, of Brixham, Devon, earns a living by working on survivalist TV shows in extreme locations such as The Island with Bear Grylls

While on location, Dave likes to partake in spearfishing and has seen many impressive specimen while free diving in tropical locations.

But he says the one he found on Wednesday in Brixham was the largest he had seen.

It measured at around four feet, with its colossal right claw dwarfing Dave’s size nine and half right foot.

Dave Ibby with the giant lobster which he pulled out of the sea in Brixham, Devon.

He added: “They have a cutting claw and a crushing claw, it could certainly take your little finger off or break the bones.

“I wasn’t going to get nipped that’s for sure. When they’re underwater they are quick – you have to be careful.

“It had fishing wire stuck around its legs and body but it could still move around.

“It wasn’t trapped but eventually it would have been caught on something and eventually it would have died.

“It would have been a shame because that lobster was about 50 or 60-years-old.

“They are generally quite territorial and will find a hole and stick in it. Some can live up to 100 years old.

“There are few around here because of commercial fishing so lobsters rarely reach this age.

“It’s rare to see one of this size, it’s a beauty.”

Despite being a delicacy, Dave didn’t take it home and cook it – instead, out of respect, he untangled it and let it free.

Dave was also concerned to find the lobster tangled up completely in fishing line, which would have likely led to its death.

He added: “We see quite a lot of lobsters tangled up as we free dive.

“It’s about being responsible, some fishermen will understandably get hook lines caught and snapped.

“But we see so often lines that have been left on cliff edges that have blown in, or people simply chucking their rubbish in.

“We should protect what we’ve got here.

“I travel all over the world, and just returned from Panama and it’s horrendous over there with pollutants and plastics.

“They don’t really have the education, and see the sea as a place to throw away their rubbish.”

Dave recently served as one of the team who pulled out headline-grabbing soap and reality TV star Roxanne Pallet out of The Island.

He has also taught the art of spearfishing to personalities such as Martin Kemp, Pete Wicks and James Cracknell.


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