Man charged with killing friend following flatulence taunts


A 21-year-old has been charged with stabbing his best friend to death and knifing three others after they poked fun at his flatulence.

Damien Ramsey has

Marc Higgins was at a party in in Bristol, Connecticut, when he was being ripped by his friends for his farting.

The furious American is said to have had an argument with party goer Stacy Buccheri who slapped Higgins.

A fuming Higgins then smashed a beer bottle and stormed off, according to witnesses.

Shortly after, Higgins – who was believed to be ‘very drunk’ – returned to the party armed with three knives and went about indiscriminately attacking revellers.

Higgins allegedly stabbed 21-year-old Matthew Walton to death and injured Sandra Ranger, 18, David Klett, 19, and Tyler Basso, 18.

He later handed himself into police who remanded him in custody on a $2 million bail.


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