Mark Watson, 37, from Stockton, Co Durham, who developed a rash on his leg caused by an allergy to his new iPhone 6 which he kept in his front pocket. A man is not app-y after he developed a painful rash caused by an allergy – to his iPhone. See SWNS story SWPHONE. Retail manager Mark Watson, 37, was delighted when he upgraded to the new iPhone 6 earlier this year. But he became worried when just weeks later he started to develop a blotchy rash on his left thigh, which started to spread across his leg and become painful and itchy. The father-of-one tried creams from the pharmacy but was forced to visit his GP when they rash wouldn’t go away and started becoming lumpy. But Mark, from Stockton-on-Tees, Co. Durham, was astonished when he discovered he was allergic to the nickel in his new mobile which he kept in his pocket.

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