Man, 43, blinded in one eye after Asda microwave ready meal EXPLODED in his face


A man has been blinded in one eye and left with painful burns all over his face after a  microwave ready meal EXPLODED in his face.

Security supervisor George Milis popped the Asda Classic liver & bacon with colcannon mash into the oven for his lunch at work.

George, 43, claims he followed the instructions ‘to the letter’ and zapped the food for ten minutes.

George Milis, 43, with the same kind of Asda ready meal that exploded in his face blinding him in one eye
George Milis, 43, with the same kind of Asda ready meal that exploded in his face blinding him in one eye

But when he took it out and peeled back the film the meal EXPLODED, spraying scalding liquid all over his face as well as the walls and ceiling of the canteen.

Colleagues frantically tried to wash the sizzling liquid from his face but the red-hot food had burned his right eyeball – as well as his cheek, nose, chin and forehead.

George is still without proper vision in his right eye  – two weeks after the freak explosion – and fears he might never fully regain it.

Married father-of-one George said: “I peeled the film back and stirred the meal and the next thing I knew there was a bang and the meal had exploded.

“The plastic was intact, but burning hot liquid and bit of food were everywhere.

“It was on the ceiling, walls and all over me – absolutely everywhere. It was all over my face and in my eyes and ears.”

George was rushed to the nearby South Bristol Community Hospital where A&E nurses said his burns would have been much worse had he not been close to a sink.

He added: “The burns on my face are so painful, but I’m most worried about my sight in my right eye.

“I’ve been told the liquid burnt my eyeball and my vision’s still blurry – I’m not sure how much it’ll recover.”

Wife Melanie had bought the #1.50 meal from a local Asda in Bedminster, Bristol, and George says he is grateful they didn’t cook it at home.

He said: “We have a five-year-old and I just dread to think what would have happened if my wife had cooked that meal at home.

“In a way I’m glad it was me, but it shouldn’t have been anyone.”

George is urging Asda to remove the meal from sale but the company says it wants to hold an investigation and is “at a loss” to what caused the incident.

An Asda spokeswoman said: “We take any complaints about our products really seriously – especially when it comes to their safety.

“We’re at a loss to understand what could have happened with Mr Milis’ ready meal and would really like to investigate it further.

“Unfortunately, we haven’t received the packaging back from him yet, but we’re speaking to him regularly in the hope we can resolve this as quickly as possible.”


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