Make Yours A Party To Remember



Whenever you host a party, you want people to remember it. But that’s not always easily achieved, especially if you’re part of a sociable group where there are lots of parties going on. So, what can you do to make yours stand out from the crowd and ensure that it sticks in people’s minds as a great night?

Theming your party is a great way to go. It can make it easier for you as a host, as you can link the drinks, the food, the entertainment, and the decoration all around the same theme. But it’s also good for the guests as they’ll have an idea of what the evening might hold and know how to dress for the occasion.

You don’t have to have a Masters in creativity to throw a theme party either. Of course, some people like to do everything from the beginning themselves but there are plenty of ways you can make it easier on yourself. For instance, you might book a local venue rather than using your home or hire party organisers to do the hard work for you.

So, what theme should you go for? Here are just a few alternatives to the standard drinks and nibbles parties that we’ve all been to and, let’s be honest, found a little tedious at times.

Casino Night

Everyone loves the thrill of having a bet on a game such as roulette or poker and, with the huge choice of online casinos out there now, you don’t even have to go to a casino to play. For anyone new to the concept of casino gaming online, Vegas Casino’s BitCasino blog gives lots of tips on how to get started in using the cryptocurrency. The same site lets players practise with pretend money too, just in case your blackjack strategy isn’t up to scratch.

With the growing acceptance of bitcoin at physical retailers as well as online, any wins you have online can be withdrawn and used to purchase goods and services in the same way that you’d use cash or a credit card. In Swindon, for instance, you can pay for plumbing repairs with bitcoin at Abbeymead Heating & Plumbing and Starbucks will also accept bitcoin payments for skinny lattes or cappuccinos and the like.

While online casino gaming is great for solo play, for a party themed around a casino, everyone getting out their devices to play the same games together might be feasible but would be somewhat lacking in party vibes. And after all, part of the thrill of playing casino games with friends at the same table is the friendly rivalry in seeing who gets the most wins and comes out on top!

It’s easy to set up a number of different casino games for a party. And while you can buy all the equipment such as poker chips, roulette wheels and even gaming tables, it’s probably wiser to hire in casino equipment and croupiers to recreate a real casino atmosphere.

Dance off


Instead of all standing around exchanging small talk, why not host a party where people can learn something new while having fun? Nothing breaks the ice better than getting people up and dancing but, instead of going for the hackneyed ‘80s night theme, why not enlist the services of some ballroom dancing teachers and really get your party moving? Make sure people know that they’ll be expected to throw off their inhibitions and not sit around like wallflowers watching everyone else. That way, anyone who doesn’t fancy strutting their stuff will politely decline and the rest of you can have more fun without them!

A Mystery to Solve

Another party theme that always leads to lots of guest mingling and interaction is to host a murder mystery night or book an escape room party, where your invitees have to work together to find the solution to a murder case or to get out of a locked room.

Again, the murder mystery parties can be held at home or at a local venue like Lydiard House, Swindon, or Marsh Farm Hotel in Royal Wootton Bassett. With the escape games, you’ll usually have to book a specialist venue, such as Clue HQ or Incarcerated, both in Swindon itself.

Hosting a themed party is always a recipe for success. The amount of effort you need to put in depends entirely on you and the budget that you have available to buy in some professional assistance!


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