Majority of mums back child benefit cutbacks


Nine out of ten mothers welcome Chancellor George Osbourne’s decision to cut child benefit for higher tax payers and believe it is a good idea, research revealed today.

The study shows the majority of British mums understand the dire need for the country to make cuts to recover from the recession.

Most astonishingly, those set to lose their benefit understand and accept the reasons for the decision – with 95 per cent believing it’s fair.

Just under two thirds (71 per cent) agree parents should not expect a Government hand out simply because they chose to have children.

Incredibly, 84 per cent of mums think the decision to take child benefit away from the rich is better than scraping it across the board.

A poll of 2,500 mums, conducted by researchers, shows 93 per cent believe those earning more will find it easier to cope with the loss of child benefit than those in lower tax brackets.

And while 86 per cent of mums acknowledge the fact that hard working people are being penalised once again, they are happy with the decision.

A spokeswoman for MumPoll said: ”These results are incredible, as nearly 100 per cent of mums think the decision made by David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne is good and fair.

”What is most surprising is the fact that those people earning over £43,875 who answered the poll have also agreed the decision is right.

”And it’s not just a few sensible people in the higher tax brackets who support the move – it’s a very conclusive 95 per cent.

”I think people are finally coming to understand the need for big changes to handle the economic crisis, and were expecting some major decisions to be made under Tory leadership.”

The study also shows 84 per cent of mums think other cuts need to be made in response to the financial crisis faced by Britain.

Six in ten mums think the money spent on speed cameras and traffic offers should be cut, while nearly half of mums would like to see a drop in the wages of NHS pen-pushers.

A third of mothers don’t see the point of job seekers allowance and 15 per cent think disability benefits need to be reviewed.


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