Low-life mum jailed for selling drugs will have her second baby… in PRISON

Low-life mum Karen Niblett
Low-life mum Karen Niblett
Low-life mum Karen Niblett
Low-life mum Karen Niblett

A lowlife mum-to-be will give birth to her second child in prison after she left her one-year-old son home alone – while she went out selling DRUGS on the street.

Karen Niblett, 27, was arrested by an officer who discovered she had 43 wraps of heroin and cocaine worth £700 stuffed in a plastic Kinder egg hidden in her BRA.

Police raided her home and discovered £416 in cash, weighing scales and drug paraphernalia as well as her terrified baby son who had been left at home by himself.

On Wednesday Worcester Crown Court heard how the tot was found behind a stair-gate with a heavily soiled nappy and covered in nappy rash.

Niblett pleaded guilty to possessing heroin and cocaine with intent to supply and a separate charge of cruelty by abandonment of a child.

The mum, who is 30-weeks pregnant with her second child, will give birth behind bars after being jailed for a total of 16 months.

Recorder Satiner Hunjan told her: “You left the child at home in an appalling and neglected condition.

“You have a long criminal record but I accept you had been coerced into selling drugs.”

The court heard Niblett, of Worcester, was spotted by an officer on a routine foot patrol on November 18 last year.

Prosecutor Wendy Miller said: “When searched she had 43 individual wraps of heroin and cocaine hidden inside the plastic shell of a Kinder egg capsule inside her bra.”

The court heard Niblett had a string of previous convictions for drug offences and dishonesty.

Shockingly, at the time of her latest crime she was in breach of a community order with a drug treatment requirement.

Barry Newton, defending, said: “Here is an all too typical story of a long standing heroin problem.

“She had been remanded in custody since the offence and being in prison while pregnant has had a devastating effect on her.”

He added that she had been forced to sell drugs by a man who had made threats to her.


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