Lovesick seal jumps over metal fence


This amazing CCTV footage captures the moment a lovesick seal hoisted her 14 stone frame over a metal fence – to be with her new love.

Lovesick seal jumps over metal fence

Lonely Laurel couldn’t wait to meet her new companion Togo, who was brought in to mend her broken heart after her former partner escaped into the wild last year.

When Togo arrived the seals were separated in their pool by a 5ft metal fence and staff were planning on introducing them in a few weeks time when Togo had adjusted to his new surroundings.

But lusty Laurel, 20, couldn’t wait that long and managed to climb up concrete steps next to the pool and used her front flippers to haul her body on top of the fence.

She then splashed into the pool on the other side to meet a delighted Togo.

When workers arrived on Saturday morning they were shocked to discover Laurel was not in her enclosure and found her playing with one-year-old Togo in his new pool.

Lovesick seal jumps over metal fence

John Mace, manager of St Andrews Aquarium in Fife, said: ”When we put Togo in the pool we noticed they were both swimming up to the fence and could see each other through it.

”Seals are naturally very sociable and friendly – they don’t like being alone.

”We couldn’t believe it when we found Laurel and Togo swimming around together.

”She must have had enough of being alone and decided to drag herself over. When
we watched the security camera footage we just couldn’t believe what we were seeing.

”Laurel was clearly determined to get in to see Togo and obviously wasn’t going to let metal security fencing stand in her way.

”We have been amazed by both her strength and her tenacity.”

Togo was flown from Denmark to St Andrews Aquarium to be a new friend for Laurel who lost her mate Hardy in March last year when a huge storm covered the aquarium’s seal pool, which adjoins the sea.

It is thought Hardy went out to investigate and tagged along with some wild seals.

He has since been spotted living with a colony on the coast near RAF Leuchars.

The barrier between both enclosures has now been taken down so Laurel and Togo have both pools to swim in together.



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