Love lessons: Do actions speak louder than words?

Love creates feelings and emotions unlike anything else
Love creates feelings and emotions unlike anything else

We all love the idea of love, it is something that consumes us and can make us behave in an entirely different way, something that dominates our everyday life and creates feelings and emotions unlike anything else.

With love and the happiness and pleasure it brings comes the other side of the spectrum and the pain, hurt and heartbreak that is caused by being in love and the person that we are in love with.

Love is not a simple thing, it is never straight forward it is never easy it is something that we have to work hard at and make sure that it is a source of our constant happiness, despite the down sides, there are some very real benefits and the negatives are clearly not enough to dispel the fairy-tale ideal of love and romance.

Love creates feelings and emotions unlike anything else
Love creates feelings and emotions unlike anything else

Sadly, there are those that hurt us. Whether it is intentional or not, when participating in love we face the very real possibility of being let down by the person we cherish the most. Relationships are one of the most difficult areas of life and although we may behave and feel a certain way, our partners may not mimic that and this is the main reason for the rise in paranoia, insecurity and fears.

More and more people feel the need to know the truth, to establish how there partner truly feels about them and whether loyalty and honesty is as important to a partner as it is to them, there are specialist services such as a private detective NYC, that is enlisted to do just that.

Often people are consumed with the fear that a partner is being unfaithful, one of the biggest displays of disloyalty that can be done, something which tears a person apart and leaves nothing but confusion and pain in its wake. The number of people that are unfaithful is relatively high; around 50% of married individuals are unfaithful to their partner with the increased opportunity often blamed.

With the intensity surrounding social media, the Internet, mobile phones and the need to constantly keep in touch there are more means than ever to conduct an extra marital affair and even more chance of keeping it a secret from partners.

Although hiring a private detective may seem an extreme way of determining the truth, it is often necessary for either peace of mind or to find the truth and put an end to the prolonged agony. Many people would choose to be aware of the situation rather than live in ignorance. Ignorance is not always bliss.

It is wise to always be prepared for what could happen, what might have happened and what could be going on right now, often our gut instincts are leading us to the right answer and we would not feel the things we do unless there was genuine reason not too. A lack of trust in itself is enough to kill a relationship, without trust there is little point in maintaining a relationship for no reason than the affect is has on personal frame of mind.

Heart break is something that we have all had to face at one time or another, whether it is due to a relationship or something else. It is an emotional pain unlike any other and something that takes time to recover from before entering into a new relationship and falling in love again. The way our partner behaves gives a clearer indication as to their feelings, their honesty and their loyalty than merely words…


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