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Who is the noisiest? The loudest sports crowds in the UK

Tobias Barkskog [CC BY 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

The UK is renowned for having the best sports fans in the world. But, have you ever wondered which sports crowds are the loudest?

With passionate Premier League football fans being replaced by ‘the prawn sandwich bridge’ and corporate hospitality ‘clients’ we wondered where the loudest sporting crowds in the country can now be found now that many football grounds have become havens for librarians.

Here’s our top loud crowd list…

Velodrome Olympics – London

During Victoria Pendleton’s golden performance in the London 2012 Olympics’ keirin event, the 6000-strong crown managed to produce an ear rupturing 140 decibels. That’s the same volume as an aeroplane taking off.

With this deaf inducing level of noise came the most electrifying, palpable atmosphere, you can imagine.  Even television viewers could feel it through their TV sets. If you were lucky enough (especially if you had the forethought of earplugs) to be there on that amazing night, you were the envy of most the nation.

The noise levels were helped by the revolutionary architecture of the London velodrome, which still hosts events that you can watch to get a small taste of the action. In fact, you can even ride around the velodrome yourself: http://www.visitleevalley.org.uk/

Liverpool Football and Everton Fans

There is hot debate among football fans about who is the loudest. Given Arsenal’s form, and the sheer volume of corporate hospitality at the Emirates, we are not sure their chants would again reach the peak of 77 decibels recorded back in 2010.

In fact, decibels haven’t been recorded at football matches since 2010.  However, Liverpool did manage to trounce them with a high of 97 decibels at Anfield.  An incredible achievement given its an open-air stadium.

According to the history books, during a Liverpool Vs Everton derby cup-final match, the reds and blues managed to smash all known records with a stirring 130 decibels at the Carling Cup finals in Cardiff. That’s just shy of that jumbo jet taking off.

One of the TLE writers is a Liverpudlian, and he is loud, so we believe this!

The Grand National

It’s not just football the Scousers are passionate about. The horses create a tremendous buzz and deafening tone during race days.  None more so than the Grand National.

The UK’s most famous horse race has been selling out year-upon-year, and last year was no exception.

With the ever-expanding crowd capacity comes the ever growing noise.  The atmosphere is electric and the passion of the supporters and trainers is infectious.

It’s fair to say that the crowds’ vocal glands are generally well lubricated.  The prefect heady mix of fizz and Grand National Entries from competing stables in the UK and Ireland, results in a noise like no other…  especially in the final furlong.

Not only will you be dressed in your finery with glass of bubbles in hand, you might also want to pack your diamante earplugs just to complete the look.  You are going to need them, back in 2011 a decibel reading of 74 was recorded and we are confident that the crowds will have honed their projection and delivery over the past seven years.

Wembley Stadium – Joshua V’s Klitschko

By Karl-Ludwig Poggemann –
Wladimir Klitschko, Anthony Joshua. Via Flickr under the CC License 2018.

When Vegas came to Wembley so did the crowds, and it was electrifying.  The young up-and-coming Anthony Joshua took on one of the most dominant heavyweight boxers in history, Vladimir Klitchco, in what was hailed as one of the most exciting boxing matches of all time.

It had highs and lows (it had Arnold Schwarzenegger for heaven sake), but my goodness it had volume. A 90,000-strong crowd produced such noise levels that Joshua wasn’t sure if Klitschko had rendered him deaf with world-renowned blows.

It turns out it was the crowds with staff handing out and insisting that anti-noise ear protectors be worn inside the stadium.

Creating such a buzz and atmosphere is remarkable for any competitor, but for a professional celebrating his 19th knockout in his 19th, it doesn’t get any better. The fact Joshua just knocked out one of the best boxers who has ever lived, who also trained him, made it even more remarkable. Boxing stories like that are almost unheard of, literally.

Six Nations – Rugby

Now, we claim to be the loudest sports fans in England, but the Welsh, Irish and Scottish would have something to say about that (we won’t mention the French and Italian fans).

The Six Nations Rugby tournament was the best-attended sporting event in the WORLD, smashing the crowds at NFL and the Football World Cup. Approximately 70,000 attended each match of the Six Nations last year, with the figure set to rise significantly this year.

With the crowds comes the sound, and the fans smashed it out of the stadiums. HEAVE!!! What is more remarkable is that between the deafening noise, Six Nations stadiums, Ireland’s Aviva Stadium in particular, fall deathly silent when a conversion or penalty is being taken. That alone is an experience to behold.

Although Football still dominates the list of most popular sporting events, it’s clear that with their thighs of steel and gladiatorial presence, and agility, the Rugby crew are giving them a good run for their money.

Get your face paints and ear-plugs and the ready for the crowd’s renditions of their anthems.



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