Runner Judi Heykoop. See SWNS story SWRUN. Judi will be running in her first marathon when she takes part in Sunday’s Virgin London Marathon after loosing thirteen-and-a-half stone HALF HER WEIGHT over the last few years A woman who was so fat she could barely walk is running the London Marathon – after losing HALF her weight. Judi Heykoop ballooned to a huge 27 stone and size 32 through a teenage addiction to food which saw her scoffing 4,000 calories a day. Every day she gorged on five bowls of cereal for breakfast, pizza and chips for lunch and a huge meal for dinner. She would also snack on up to ten donuts a day – plus whatever else she could get her hands on.She was at her biggest by the age of 24 when doctors warned her life expectancy was 54 unless she did something drastic about her weight. Judi, now 28, tried a series of diets and saw a hypnotist but without success and as a last resort her GP eventually offered her a gastric bypass on the NHS . The £10,000 op meant part of her digestive system would be permanently removed so she would only absorb around 50 per cent of the calories she ate.She had the bypass in 2009 and has been on the road to fitness ever since.

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