GV of the Great Dalby Primary School in Melton Mowbray where Clare Lomas, from Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, painted her own disabled space after the local council refused to do so. September 9 2015. See NTI story NTIDISABLED. Like any other mum of a youngster starting school for the first time, paralysed London Marathon heroine Claire Lomas was determined to take her four year old daughter to the school gate. But a request to County Hall six months ago – backed by the school – to put in a disabled parking bay to enable her to be able to do just that seems to have fallen on deaf ears. But Claire, 35, of Eye Kettleby, near Melton, who won the hearts of the nation when she walked the 2012 London Marathon route in a robotic suit over 17 days, wasn’t going to beaten by bureaucracy. Armed with paint cans, she completed in 45 minutes what County Hall has failed to do in six months – and painted her own bay. Claire, who uses a wheelchair and is heading towards a target of raising £500,000 for spinal injuries charities, had been unable to park outside Great Dalby Primary School in the village because it is busy with other parents dropping off their children.

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