Liverpool’s food and drink festival 2018 is a complete foodie success


Food is crucial for sustenance, but in the 21st century, it’s about so much more. Gone are the days where we ate whatever was put on our plates; we’re now seeking out the next culinary big thing. The weekend of April 28th and 29th saw people flock in their droves to the Liverpool Food & Drink Festival, to sample their fill of the city’s best food and drink. However, thanks to initiatives to really immerse the community, visitors actually experienced so much more.

The weekend’s events

Eating and drinking is as much a cause for a social occasion as anything else. The weekend saw the spring’s festivities go into full swing. The festival takes place twice a year – once in April and once in September. Self-labelled as a “foodathon”, they take over the city’s famous Sefton Park, treating customers to free food, family fun, and general festivities.

Over the course of the weekend, attendees learned not only about the ways in which food and drink is important with regards to what we put into our body, but also how it fits into our overall lifestyles. In other words, people came for the food – but most left having experienced much more.

In addition to street food, there were yoga classes, workshops and even live animal shows. In fact, there was even a dog creche – for you to easily bring your beloved pet!

Why food festivals?

As a nation, we are becoming far more adventurous and willing to experiment with different foods. Our culture is becoming more and more cosmopolitan, thanks to the influence of immigration and the fact that many more of us are travelling and bringing foreign food secrets home.

For example, twenty years ago, many people may not have known anything about food from the African continent. Now you can experience some of the best Moroccan cuisine like tagines at the click of your fingers thanks to delivery services like Deliveroo.

Sampling tents, as well as markets and displays at food festivals, allow people from every walk of life to try new things. All kinds of food and drink was on offer this weekend; from Indian-style samosas to the very British Yorkshire pudding!

Customers at Liverpool Food & Drink Festival were also introduced to vegan and vegetarian cooking. Food festivals open people’s eyes to other ways of eating and indeed living, and this occasion was no exception. Over the weekend, countless people flocked in their droves to see how they could enjoy a meat-free diet, joining millions of others learning to do the same across the UK and the globe.

It seems that food festivals are crucial if we are to continue to learn about new cultures, tastes and recipes.

Other UK food festivals

Whether Liverpool is too far away or you’re simply looking for another opportunity to attend a similar event, there are plenty of others around the UK.

For a full list of those available for the remainder of the year, you can there is a full list of British food and drink festivals. 


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